Thursday, May 1, 2008

Buring Files bigger than 4GB to DVD

Update2 (5 May 2009) - The issue below is fixed in k3b 1.63 (r948463) in slackware current and cdrtools-2.01.01a57.

Update - Issue: The DVDs burnt using K3B (and cdrtools) cannot be mounted with appropriate permissions using type udf. The permission is "d---------" when mounted. Mounting as iso9660 gives right permission.

After some trying, I finally managed to burn files bigger than 4GB to DVDs.

Required software:
cdrtools-2.01.01a38-i486-1 or later
k3b-1.0.4-i486-3 or later

From k3b 1.0.4 Annoucement:
K3b now silently allows the burning of files bigger than 4 GB if an appropriate version of genisoimage or mkisofs is installed ("silently" means that I did not introduce any new messages)

Before start burning DVD, change the Filesystem Settings as follows: (see screenshot below)

- Check "Generate UDF structures"
- Select "Level 3" under "ISO Level"

Note if the settings are not appropriate, k3b will still go ahead to burn the DVD, but happily leave out the file that is more than 4GB and close the DVD, effectively wasting the DVD.

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Anonymous said...

What a waste of DVD and time searching what happening!.... k3b should warn about this. Is there a bug report created already?