Monday, June 13, 2011

Consequences of Treating My Car as Amphibious

I have to admit - driving my car through floods in Bukit Timah Road is thrilling and fun... but the consequence is dire :P (Well, it could be much worse, if the water went into the engine.)

Just recording down the damage for reference later based on my interpretation of the repair bill.

1) The ETM (Electronic Throttle Module) obviously has to be cleaned because water got into it. Luckily, labor cost only - SGD 169. (

2) MAF (Mass Air Flow) Sensor has to be replaced. This one damn expensive - SGD 728 for parts and 65 for labor.

3) Air Filter has to be replaced because water got in. Cheap.

4) Spark Plug has to be replaced too. about 200 parts + labor.

5) Intercooler is ok, but need to be removed and reinstalled to replace other parts I think. SGD 327.

Good thing is, the clutch-in seems more smooth after the repair... Anyway, next time, detour whenever seeing flood :)

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